Brad M

VP Southern California


I’m Brad and I help run the service and installation departments in both our Northern and Southern California offices. I learned about the trades by working closely with my family (Erik, Pam, and Mike) in all aspects of our business. We work as a team and we learned from dad’s passion exactly what customer, vendor, and employee relationships mean to the communities we serve and families we strive to support. We take great pride in never taking shortcuts with our operations in all aspects of Service, Maintenance, Installation, Repair, and Compliance. The business philosophies of ‘always strive to answer the phone by the second ring and¬†always¬†do what you said you were going to do’ have served our community and our reputation well. My mission is to develop and strengthen customer, employee and vendor relationships that will stand forever.

I came to Rocklin Heating and Air directly out of Whitney High School. I took my classes at Sierra College while working for my dad riding in his service truck fixing equipment, fetching the parts, installing complete systems and even running ducting in those 150-degree attics. I watched my pops conduct his service with a passion for always leaving the customer happy and comfortable by being thorough in our work and honoring our responsibilities to thier choosing and trusting US to be in thier home. Those years of training were invaluable in developing my skills. The hard work has allowed me the opportunity to build my own amazing family. So cool!

Whether it’s in Northern California or Southern I look forward to meeting you and taking care of all your HVAC needs.